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Town | Village | School - Collaborative Agreement

The collaboration agreement was formulated by the leaders of the Town, Village and School District in answer to its constituencies asking for additional cooperative efforts between municipalities. Although the three entities have a long history of cooperation on various projects, the Leadership Team was created to provide a formal and ongoing forum for the Town, Village and School District to use. A formal resolution by each of the Town, Village and School District Boards was first signed on April 29, 2003 and is now signed annually. Click here to view more information.


The Pittsford town, village and school district have a strong commitment to and a long history of collaboration. Many examples exist of successful shared projects and services. To most effectively and efficiently serve the Pittsford community, a collaborative leadership structure is in place for regular meetings and communications across entities. Annually, the respective board/trustee groups reconfirm a commitment entitled “Collaboration Compact” which includes Principles of Collaboration. The thoughtfully agreed upon shared mission of this collaboration is: “... the betterment of all who live, work, play and learn in the Pittsford community” while continuing to achieve the mission and goals of each entity.
In an effort to identify for consideration additional and/or new ways to collaborate in the best interest of our community, the Town, Village and School District Leadership Team issued the following charge to inform the work of a new ad hoc committee called the Pittsford Community Collaboration Task Force.
The Pittsford Community Collaboration Task Forces was charged with the following tasks:
  • Identify a comprehensive list of current collaborative efforts and include a description of benefits, monetary and other, realized by the community as a result of these efforts.
  • Research effective and creative methods of collaboration used by other communities.
  • Consult with staff and brainstorm with community members regarding new and creative ideas for future collaborative efforts.
  • After the above research and consultation, provide strengths and weaknesses including potential cost savings for the most promising collaborative opportunities.
  • Conduct other tasks as approved by the Leadership Team.
Lisa Cove
Edward Doherty
Scott D. Hall
Paula Liebschutz
Diane Prososki Lockwood
Karen Pond
The PCC Task Force committee was appointed August 29, 2011 and held its first meeting on November 9, 2011. The Task Force report was completed January 28, 2013 and reviewed and accepted by the Leadership Team in May of 2013. The report was formally released on July 15, 2013 at a meeting of the Pittsford Central School District Board of Education also attended by members of the Pittsford Town Board and Pittsford Village Trustees during which the Pittsford Community Collaboration Task Force members were recognized for their efforts.
On July 15, 2013, the Pittsford Collaborative Leadership Team released an Executive Summary and full Report by the Pittsford Community Collaboration (PCC) Task Force identifying current collaborative efforts and recommending future opportunities for collaboration among Pittsford’s Town, School District and Village entities.